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Ferrari – When Hotness becomes your Lifestyle

The word Ferrari is synonymous with sports cars and one model of this company that represents the genealogy of a premium sports car better than others in the market is the 458 model. There are three distinct models under the 458 series. The characteristics of these cars are described in brief here for your ready reference.

1). Ferrari 458 Speciale: This is a superbly crafted sports car with an aerodynamic design that allows it to cut the air more effectively for it to zoom ahead with minimum effort. The designers have put in a lot of effort to make this Ferrari model one of the most aerodynamic models among all Ferrari cars. It has a couple of flaps in the front bumper and at the back of the car for allowing better air inflow directed in a proper way to reduce the drag coefficient at high speed and also increasing the downward pressure of the car at the front remains adequate to keep it stable even at extreme speeds.

The front profile of this car gives it a determined look with its upraised humps at both ends of the engine hood that house powerful and adjustable Xenon headlamps. The engine has two thick sticker lines gracing the front to add dynamism to its overall design. The front bumper is body-colored and houses a big air dam with adjustable flaps and beautifully designed air sockets. At the side of this sports car, you will find air vents at shoulder and skirt level to cool the powerful engine. In addition, it has wings designed at the skirt level placed in front of the rear haunches to improve the air flow across its body to reduce the drag it may face.

Sitting inside this powerful sports car will give you the thrill that is hard to describe. The deep and comfortable sports seats covered with top quality leather with contrasting hand stitching tell the level of effort that went into making this model world class in both style and speed. In the front, there is a beautifully laid out instrument cluster with a lot of chrome plated meters to let you keep a close watch on the performance of the car.

The steering wheel has a sports car feel to it, for it houses several buttons and a paddle shifter that allows you to control the car without taking your hands away from the wheel like changing the gear or even turning on the turn lights at high speed. Ferrari has blessed this speedster with a 4.5-litre V8 petrol engine that has the ability to produce a hammering torque of 540Nm @6000rpm. This four-wheel drive is mated with a 7-speed automatic transmission that can make it accelerate from 0-100kmph in just a mind-blowing 3 seconds flat.


                                               Part – 2

 2). Ferrari 458 Italia: The Ferrari Italia is a super sports car and its fantastic look tells you the whole story behind the collective effort of the designers and engineers have put in to make it such a wonderful ride. This car with its fantastically low slung look is one of the most graceful sports cars available on the road. Its front look is distinguished by the tell-tale twin humps on either side of the smooth and sloping front bonnet to give it that determined look that keeps it ahead of the competition. The long arrow shaped sweptback headlamp cluster flanking the engine hood houses LED lamp that adds to the overall sporty feel of this car. 

Looking at the side, you will be mesmerized by the curvy looking body of this amazing car. The bulging wheel arches both at the front and at the back speaks a volume about the power it possesses underneath its sophisticated looks. The big alloy wheels are beautifully crafted and are mounted with tubeless radial tyres that provide better grip quality which is so essential while driving at high speed. The ORVMs attached to the body of this sports car juts out a bit so that the smoothly designed doors can open without a problem. The roofline of this car has a sloping look both at the front and the back to improve upon its aerodynamic coefficient. The rear haunches of Ferrari are slightly raised to hold two round shaped brake lights that are equipped with LED lamps. At the back, you will find the word Ferrari embossed in chrome, which in addition to the three chrome exhaust pipes and the spoiler is in line with the overall sporty design of this sleek car.

As you step inside this lovely looking car you will find two bucket shaped sports seats that are covered with hand crafted leather with contrasting stitching that improve the overall premium feel of the passenger cabin. The one single thing that will grab your eyeballs inside the passenger cabin is the sporty steering wheel that is blessed with a bunch of buttons to control the various aspects of the car while driving like a start stop button, gear shift button, light control, indicators and even the indicator control buttons are all placed on the steering wheel itself so that the driver do not have to lift his hands away from the wheels.

The instrument cluster with backlit facility looks very futuristic and it houses several chrome plated dials and an infotainment screen that allows you to keep a close watch on all the functionalities of this car at a single glance. To provide power to this beautiful looking car, Ferrari has put in a 4.5-litre V8 petrol engine that can churn out a massive 540Nm of torque @6000rpm that is transmitted to all the wheels through an automatic 7-speed steering wheel allowing it to reach a top speed of 325kmph.

                                             Part – 3

 3). Ferrari 458 Spyder: This high-priced sports car is a fine mix of angles and curves that make it not only amazing to look at but wildly exciting to ride in. The front profile of the car is distinguished by the hunched shoulder that flanks the smooth looking bonnet. The front air intake of this car is intelligently designed and features a flexible material that moves as the car approaches higher speed to provide more downward force to the front wheel and reducing the drag value at the same time. The headlamp cluster is a specially designed and has an elongated in shape and has a sweptback look that houses LED head lamps, turn lights and DRLs. Looking this beautiful luxury sports car from the side you will be mesmerized by its magnificent 22-inch alloy wheels mounted with high quality tubeless radial tyres.

You will find a lot of curves that make the side profile so sensuously appealing and also improving its aerodynamic feature. The rear haunches are powerful looking and project out like it is waiting to burst into speed at a moment’s notice. The rear profile with its sporty look enhanced by round looking tail lamp cluster housing LED lamps and a matte finish that has the logo of a dancing horse embossed on it give it a dynamic feel. There are a lot of air intakes on the rear of this amazing looking sports car that helps to keep the powerful engine cool. 

Keeping with the sporty image of this car, the interior of this car is designed with some care. As you enter the passenger cabin you will see that the designers have made extensive use of carbon fibre, leather and chrome make the interior an amazing place to sit and drive this powerful car. The sporty bucket seats are electrically adjustable and have memory functions. The seats are well ventilated and feature lumbar support along with heating, cooling and massaging functions.

The most striking feature in the passenger cabin is the hi tech steering wheel that houses innumerable buttons so that you can control the gearshift, turn lights, headlamps and wipers without taking your hands off the wheel. The instrument cluster has a clean look with all the dials bunched in front of the driver to have the easy accessibility of all the information about needed to run this speedster. Ferrari cars are known for their powerful engines and the 458 Spyder is no different for it is blessed with a formidable power plant in the form of a 4.5-litre petrol engine that is attached to a 7-speed automatic gearbox. This combination allows the massive 540Nm of torque produced by the power plant transmitted to all the four wheels, which allows it to accelerate from 0-100kmph in just 3.4 seconds.

If any of these speeding beauties caught your fancy, then you can contact your local used car dealer to get the best possible price bargain for a used Ferrari 458 purchased in India.